IC Swiss Team winning IC 3 Nations Trophy

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IC Switzerland winS the IC 3 Nations Mens Cup

IC Switzerland - IC Belgium  3 - 2
IC Switzerland - IC Luxembourg 5 - 1
IC Belgium - IC Luxembourg 4 - 2

1. Switzerland
2. Belgium
3. Luxembourg








Luxembourg wins 3 Nations Ladies Cup

Anne Kremer, Magdalena Zdenovcova, Fabienne Thill, Françoise Schroeder and Danielle Meunier win the Cup for Luxembourg

Luxembourg - Belgium          3 - 0
Luxembourg - Switzerland 2 - 1
Switzerland - Belgium 1 - 2

1. Luxembourg
2. Belgium
3. Switzerland


The IC of Luxembourg

"Hands across the net, friendship across the ocean "

The IC is a worldwide association created by international and professional tennis players.  All members of IC Luxembourg played for their country in an official event (Davis Cup, Federation Cup, ...) or were individual Luxembourg Champions in at least one age category.

Members of the International Club believe in the power of tennis to foster friendship among individuals of all nations, thereby contributing to international goodwill and understanding.

For having spend many many hours on the tennis court, IC members believe that tennis skills are life skills. ICs run tennis programs aiming to transmit these skills to underprivileged children giving them a better chance to succeed in life. IC Luxembourg was among the incubators of IC Philanthropy, a UK registered charity. IC Luxembourg financially supports the TDKET project in Ethiopia (www.tdket.com).

2017 Calendar

AGM of IC Luxembourg at TC Arquebusiers          

January 15 

Luxembourg-Irland Fixture        
July 21 - 23 

IC Week Blau-Weiss Berlin (Windmill and Mercelis Trophy)   

August 16 - 20  

Friendly match against IC Slovenia
(venue and date to be confirmed) 

Tennis Golf Event
September 17