Welcome to the International Club of Luxembourg
"Hands across the net, friendship across the ocean "

___Latest News___

Our Tennis-Golf Team for Royan August 30 - September 1st 2019

Jean Neuman
Barbara Faber
Lars Svenningsson
Georges Faber
Paul Hoffmann
Pierre Kurt

Our Mercelis and Windmill Teams at the IC Week at Le Touquet September 8 -12 2019

Laura Correia
Anne Kremer
Roby Tholl
Charles Berna
Johny Goudenbour
Paul Hoffmann
Georges Faber
Henri Reiter

Our Philanthropy Project did enter a second year at TC Smash

Fabienne Thill teaches tennis and life skills to children with a migration background at TC Smash.

Argentina, Uruguay and Chile during Easter time 2020 

We are invited by the ICs of Argentina, Chily and Uruguay for friendly matches on Eastern time 2020. Please save the date if you would like to participate.

_____2019 Calendar_____________________________________________

                   AGM of IC Luxembourg at TC Arquebusiers
January 15

                    Fixture in Dublin 
                    July 27 - 28
                    3 Nations tournament Belgium - Monaco - Luxembourg in Brugge        
                    August 2 - 4 
                    Tennis Golf France - GB - Belgium - Luxembourg in Royan (F)   

                    August 29 - September 1

                    IC Week Le Touquet (F) Windmill Trophy and Mercelis Cup
September September 8 - 12


                   Save the date: Argentina - Uruguay - Chile Eastern 2020




_______Our Goals________________________

The IC is a worldwide association created by international and professional tennis players.  All members of IC Luxembourg played for their country in an official event (Davis Cup, Federation Cup, ...) or were individual Luxembourg Champions in at least one age category.

As members of the International Club we believe in the power of tennis to foster friendship among individuals of all nations, thereby contributing to international goodwill and understanding. We love to compete and win in a fair game.

For having spend many many hours on the tennis court, we strongly believe that tennis skills are life skills. ICs run tennis programs aiming to transmit these skills to underprivileged children giving them a better chance to succeed in life. We were among the incubators of IC Philanthropy, a UK registered charity. As IC Luxembourg we teamed up with IC Germany to support the TDKET project in Ethiopia (www.tdket.com).