IC of Luxembourg initiated the IC Philanthropy Program

In 2010 the IC of Luxembourg made the first step as an IC organization into philanthropy. It expanded a program organized by Sport sans Frontières (SSF), a french ONG, by adding tennis to other sports in the SSF program in Burundi. An ITF coach taught young Burundian tennis players and school teachers to hold tennis lessons for street kids at the tennis club of Bujumbura. The IC council made a major contribution by shipping equipment to the local tennis club. The tennis program was coordinated by IC Luxembourg with the financial contribution of Banque de Luxembourg.

From 2016 to 2017, the IC of Luxembourg supported the TDKET initiative of IC Germany in Ethiopia (www.tdket.com). 

In 2018, it started its own programme in Luxembourg with kids having a migration background. Former FED-Cup player, Fabienne Thill, teaches tennis and life skills at TC Smash to help kids to integrate the Luxembourg social environment.

        Report mini tennis Bujumbura-eng.pdf